Express Your Mind
21 years young. Herb-inhalator. ECU student. Sunchild
Gogo Dancer for Playhau5 Barbies

I am a Sun Aries, Moon Aries, RIsing VIrgo, Midheaven Gemini :)

Hippie by day, Raver by night

I believe in karma, being the better person, & staying true to yourself

"We are all just a collection of cells overrating themselves"

Have you ever found yourself alone in an area unknown to avoid bad energy. Maybe that’s why im sitting on an empty campus knowing it’s dangerous while the person you’d do anything for is laughing at you because he’s to blinded by other’s energies to care about yours. The worst part, knowing he doesn’t give two fucks where you are because he doesn’t know you’re gone.
Physically, mentally, emotionally.

Forever gone.

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